So this moment have come! This post is something like "giveaway" but not that way, like most of the people do it ,cause mine is more like- I choose who will get these stuff from me. I choose 4 people that i admire or i just like blogs they write. Like Marie Gut was one of first followers of mine, then lovely Rose and Vintage (you go girl!) , then Pigeon with her art and super kawaii face and style and lastly Peppermint whiskers- damn, I like this girl so bad!

So girls here you are :

So what you need to do is to decide who is the best , just to write down in comments the first (best blog), then who is second blog (second best), then third blog and 4th blog. And that is all! Even if you are in this list- write your opinion down anyways, just to see what you think!

P.S Don't worry, all of mine nominated girls are getting some stuff, just because i nominated you! Everything you need now to do is to chose who will get what! 

So here is the stuff someone is going to get! Sorry for the quality of pictures! 

So the first thing is the summer inspiring book that i made by my self (the most firts picture). So there is a lot of stuff in it. It is like real life tumblr.

 So next things is hair accessories made by me. Flower crown and Latvian crown inspired headband and so here is how you can wear it.

 And also 3 necklaces. Skull necklace is made from polymer clay by me some while ago, and i guess this is just perfect necklaces to wear together! Cross and pearls also might look perfect together!
 The first kind of "spiky" ring is made by me and big blue flower ring is inspired by MiuMiu accsessory and also made by me , also made by me is these orange earings that is inspired by Latvian ornaments and these small flower earings also is made by me so the winner will get a lot of stuff made by me, haha :) And everything else is bought in some shops cute and sweet stuff.
 All rings (except pink one) made by me. They are kind of big, but i just wanted to show you how they look on hand. Earings also made by me and headband is full of stones like this. This is just amazingly beautifull and also made by me. And hand accsessory pink and blue one is just lovely (except clock :D).

 And some stuff for free time. Kawaii cards with japanese and chinese jokes and with ilustrations in style of manga. And every card have its own ilustration or painting.. Anyways - the best short stories and some music stuff to play in boring evenings. 
 The birthday cards made also by me and as you saw- summer inspiring book. And some diary without anything inside and some music boxes with best music on the planet!

 Yeah, here is a lot of stuff, but it will go to four people so imagine it all in four peaces. Now it looks smaller isn't it? And also results will be published in 16.05.2013 and so i will send the stuff after telling who won first place, second place and etc. i will send these as fast as possible!

Good luck sweeties! 

xoxo Em.


  1. Wow this is such an honor!!! I Can't believe I'm included in something like this! Your things are all very beautiful, you are clearly very talented!

    Here are my picks, this was so hard because all of the other blogs have great style and I love all of them. I've followed them all, thanks for pointing them out!

    1. Roseandvintage
    2. Peppermint-whiskers
    3. pigeongray
    4. Mariegut (haha)

    Wish everyone the best of luck and thank you so much for doing this Emilija!

    1. Oh and I forgot to say, I don't really mind what I get. I like all the things here so the other girls should choose theirs first :)

    2. sweety you inspired me to write more! Cause you were one of the first who followed me (and that ment a lot to me) And also you have such a great style that i really like (i can even say - love!) So you are more than worth these!
      And thank you for your opinion!

  2. wow wow, this is just SO NICE!! i'm REALLY surprised :O
    all this stuff looks amazing <33

    i really can't feel like i can judge these blogs, because they're one of my favourites (Marie, i didn't know your site earlier, but i'm gonna follow!), but i guess i have to ^^''
    1. Peppermint-whiskers
    2. Roseandvintage
    3. Mariegut (only because i haven't got the time to really explore it)
    4. Pigeon (cause i don't really have much blogging experience :PP)

    thank you once again, i'm totally making post about this ;>

    1. haha, Marie Gut is amazing blogger! Everyone should or better- must now know her :)
      I would be happy if someone followed me too :D haha, but I am happy that you all like this!
      You are my inspirations so , sunshines, lets wait till 16.05.2013 and then see result!

  3. Wow I adore all of these blogs, I guess it would have to go something like this
    1). Peppermint whiskers (because a)I've been following sinead for ages and b) I love sinead)
    2) pigeon (because pigeon is amazing and her hair is awesome and I want to be her)
    3) mariegut (love your blog and style but don't know you that well yet!)
    4) roseandvintage (because I'm nowhere near as cool as those dudettes)

    Thankyou so much for including me in this giveaway, I'm so flattered! I don't mind what I get or anything I'm still a little shocked you even considered me ahah! Much love <3

    1. Thanks for comment hunny!
      You all are worth this! I do it just because you are worth it!

  4. eeeep I'm so excited! yaa! okay so:
    1) roseandvintage (love u ellie.)
    3)mariegut (but only cuz I haven't checked out ur blog properly yetttttt)
    4)peppermint whiskers

    SUPER CUTE STUFF EEP the diary is so adorable but yah I don't mind, I'm just surprised I was included! thank you! xxxxxx

    1. haha, happy that you all liked it all!

  5. So sweet giveaway here. you such a thoughtful and sweet. Thanks for the follow and I followed you back :) I adore your Idea. :)

    New post is on my blog :)


    1. aww, you are so sweet! I just love all my followers!
      And i want them to be happier as they make me happier!

  6. Ohhhh
    how lovely you are!!

    Love it

    Follow you now :)

    Follow back?? wait 4 u dear :)
    My blog By Joyce - SORTEO/GIVEAWAY ♥

  7. Very nice post!

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