Vintage vol fest 11o

Varat mani apsveikt, jo es uzvarēju sacensībās golfā GANT. To var izlasīt šeit.
Tālāk, atceraties par Agneses Kleinas un MIIT rīkoto vintage vol fest 11? Jā, tas pienāca un, lūk, arī es uz turieni aizgāju un iegādājos super duper smuku blūzīti ar izšuvumiem, drīzumā būs arī ieskats outfitā. Tajā es satiku arī Malvīni (es sakautrējos un nezināju ko teikt, kā muļķe stāvēju un klusēju tieši blakām, ehh) un Agnesi Kleinu un pārējos no Utha un QooQoo utt. Īsumā- bija visi par kuriem es reiz biju rakstījusi un es.. Es sakautrējos nopirku blūzīti un dažas vel lietiņas un aizskrēju cerēdama, ka mani neviens neredzēja.

You can congrat me with first place in golf tournament GANT.You can read it here.
Do you remember that i once told you about soon to be Agneses Kleinas and MIIT garden made vintage vol fest 11? Yes, it was yesterday and it was more than perfect. There were all people that i was writing about. Malvine, Agnese Kleina, QooQoo designer and Utha hat maker, so  i was in the paradise of people that i adore. However i was so shy that i bought white blues that is just perfect (soon will be ootd) and some few things too. So i runned away later in hope that noneone have seen me there. yeah okay

 This girl is just fab! The clothes here is made by latvian designers, aren't they amazing?
Shh, here comes the Flash hits!
 This bag is such a treasure, but it was either expensive one. Sad, sad, sad story..
 Look how much pretty thing!
 You can see me hailo in the mirror. And better look at these treasure! umm yummy yam!
 Bags , bags, bags, hell yeah!
 In the corner of it all - Agnese Kleina, and in the middle are my fav place with fab Utha and Malvines things!
 Malvines work that you probably saw in my blog ealrier here.
 Utha hats and works, something for your head!
Also beautifull Utha hats up and down.
 Cards and comics.
 Also beautiful latvian works Blank Blank and i am not sure about the another stuff. The picture down here.
(All pictures made by me)

xoxo Em.

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  1. Nice clicks...

    Keep in touch,

  2. It seemed to be a nice event!!

    FashionEvELand | FEEL

    1. It was ! It wasn't nice event it was amazing event!

  3. Hi Emily! You play golf? Wow, I envy you haha!
    Accessories there are too many there and the golden shorts was the climax of the post for me haha!
    The news says GFC is shutting down and so maybe we can refollow each on bloglovin then :)
    IG: @queenlytan

    1. Yes these shorts were just something worth diying!! whahh


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